Spring Cleaning Your Brand

There’s no better time to think about change than in the spring, when the world is literally exploding with new possibilities.  Just like millions of people everyday, I’m in the process of reinventing or what I like to call reinvesting in myself and helping others do the same. Just like the time honored tradition of spring cleaning, this is the perfect season to spruce up, reevaluate, hone, eliminate and reveal a fresh new picture of ourselves to the world.

As a passionate brand evangelist, buzz marketing and social media strategist, I want to encourage you to join me.  Let’s take some time this spring to think about who we are, at our core and then find the best possible words, images, sounds and actions to spread that message to the widest possible audience.

I’m also a writer, an author, a publishing executive and a wife and mother and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  

I’m excited about the journey ahead and I hope you’ll take it with me.



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