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Ethical standards for Social Media Marketing: Share your thoughts

As more practioners enter the field of social media marketing, consulting and branding, those who have been early adopters of these tools should step forward and contribute to the discussion on developing a set of recommended albeit not mandatory set of guidelines for marketing and public relations via social mediums.  As someone who is currently engaged in training with Mari Smith, (someone who also cares deeply about ethical behavior online) and who will be part of the first class of certified social media professionals, I’m very interested in hearing about your concerns, issues and ideas for perhaps a “Golden Rules” of using social media for publicity and marketing.  Let’s post our ideas here and start the conversation.  If you post, please include your full Facebook, Twitter or Website URL including the http:// so that others can friend, follow and connect with you in just one click.  You’re welcome to list all of your preferred connection options in that way.  Let’s start a movement.



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Twitter Strategies for Finding Your Peeps

You can follow a maximum of 2000 people on twitter before the infamous Twitter wall blocks you from following more people until about 1800 people follow you back.  Once you acquire 1801 followers, Twitter allows you to begin following others again.  Your twitter followers to following ratio, however, will need to stay at approximately 10% or you’ll get a message telling you that you can’t follow new people at this time.  So how does one go about acquiring new followers?  You acquire followers by following others and by posting interesting tweets or retweeting useful information you get from others.  So skip the posts about your breakfast unless you’re looking for social interactions about everyday life or yummy meals.  Post about your passion and people who share that passion will follow you.


Here are a couple of ideas that I hope will help you find your twitter peeps.

1.  Follow Your Followers:  Set up an autofollow using or  I use and like it alot.  I set my account to autofollow anyone who follows me and to unfollow anyone who unfollows me.  If you’ve been on twitter for awhile, you may want to purchase the $5.00 option that let’s you catch up and follow everyone who has followed you.  You can also use  It’s a bit cumbersome but kind of interesting to find out exactly who isn’t following you back or to make sure you’re following everyone who follows you.  The site features thumbnail photo/avatars and you can sort based on account age, last tweet, number of followers etc.

2.  Twitter Search: You can use use to find new people to follow.  Go there and enter your name in the search window to see everyone who mentions your name in any way.  Then you can follow them.  Try the same search with your @(insertyourtwittername) and see who has retweeted you, commented on your posts and in general already tried to engage you.  Follow them.

3.  Twitter Yellow Pages: Try  Set up an account with Twellow and register yourself under several keywords that describe your interests and business.  This will help others find you.  Then, while logged in, search for keywords that describe people you want to reach.  For example, I’m interested in publishing and social media, so I search those words.  You’ll come up with a list of people who have self-described themselves with the keywords you searched.  You’ll be able to follow them by clicking the “follow” button on the left under their avatar or picture.  In my opinion this is the most productive following tool and I recommend it highly.

4.  Finding Twitter Groups:  Another very useful directory is  Be sure to list yourself there and follow people in popular tags. is a site that allows you to follow packs in your desired business or geographic area. and are self explanatory and worth a look.

5.  People Who Follow People: ♫Are they the luckiest people in the world?  Seriously, this technique is useful but not foolproof.  The idea is to head to the profile of someone influential in the business or social arena that interests you.  If you love wine that would be @GaryVee.  You follow Gary Vaynerchuk and then look at his follower list and follow them.  You can’t be sure that all of these people will be interested in wine, however.  Some will be people not, but you’ll surely come up with many, many folks who share your passion.

6.  People Who Engage:  View the account of some big name, high profile Twitter types like @chrisbrogan or @Ev and observe people with whom they engage or chat.  Follow them.  You can find a list of people with the most followers at

7.  Hashtags: Take a look at the trending topic hashtags on the right side of your twitter page and click one or two that interest you.  Follow the people who are engaging in the discussion.  Every Friday, people will recommend other people using the #FollowFriday hashtag.  This is a good source of people to follow as they’ve been recommended by others.

This is by no means a complete list of search strategies.  Here are a few more to add to your list:

I’d love to hear about your favorites so I can pass them on to others.

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