Ethical standards for Social Media Marketing: Share your thoughts

As more practioners enter the field of social media marketing, consulting and branding, those who have been early adopters of these tools should step forward and contribute to the discussion on developing a set of recommended albeit not mandatory set of guidelines for marketing and public relations via social mediums.  As someone who is currently engaged in training with Mari Smith, (someone who also cares deeply about ethical behavior online) and who will be part of the first class of certified social media professionals, I’m very interested in hearing about your concerns, issues and ideas for perhaps a “Golden Rules” of using social media for publicity and marketing.  Let’s post our ideas here and start the conversation.  If you post, please include your full Facebook, Twitter or Website URL including the http:// so that others can friend, follow and connect with you in just one click.  You’re welcome to list all of your preferred connection options in that way.  Let’s start a movement.



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3 responses to “Ethical standards for Social Media Marketing: Share your thoughts

  1. One of my pet peeves is that many marketers try to disguise straight-out promotion or invitations to visit a web site as “regular-people comments.” They don’t identify themselves as marketers and enter regular conversations with bogus “opinions.” Hi, Cindy! This is a real comment, not a sell.

  2. I would definitely say some of the golden rules should include 1)Give before you receive. Be willing to share your knowledge, tips, and listening ear before asking for a social networker for their business and money. 2) If the network allows you to use a personalized message with an invite, such as LinkedIn, use it! It’s only polite to introduce yourself when you are shaking someone’s hand and asking for their friendship. I guess, in short, just treat others with respect and always think of how you would want to be approached.

  3. At least this one says it like it really is

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